5 Secrets Which You Should Know About SEO Article Writers

Today the content creation has become a big industry in which articles have their own role. To keep the traffic flowing to your site you need to learn the art of article writing. Whenever you write something you should remember 2 things the first is, how to engage people? And the second is, how to launch content for the audience.

Here in this post, you will be seeing some of the cool secrets which experts use in order to create a great search engine optimized content.


The keyword research and the usage


If you know this thing than just take it as an important reminder, keywords are the main components of your articles which attracts the people to your posts. While writing an article, make sure to do a nice research on the niche and things you are writing about and use the necessary tools to get the proper keywords.

Once you find out the right keywords it’s time to use them perfectly. Many of the people just stuff the keywords in the articles and think that they will get a good PA with it, but they are wrong. If you are writing a Blog or an Article than make sure to use them only 2-3 times.


Write about the things which people care about



Before you write something have you ever thought that why you are writing it or the things you are writing are valuable for the readers or not. Write valuable content which provides nice and well-informed knowledge.


Doing a proper SEO


Okay, you have searched for the keyword and used it in the content too then what? Now what you have to do is, use that keyword for driving the people to your page and site. Technical SEO will be helping you to use the keywords in the meta-tag, https, and many similar things.


Not so long not so short


Free Article Spinner


Don’t write too long articles because people get bored when they get too much of information. Be precise in what you are trying to write and what do you want to share. Similarly, too short articles are also of no use because people don’t like short things. You can go for 450-750 words if you want.


Editing the work


Once you write something, try to check it and edit the mistakes you have made so that your readers won’t get bothered by your mistakes.


All these things will help you write a good article, you can take inspirations from different sites and search for the articles related to a topic for a better knowledge. People generally use Free Article Spinner to search and rewrite the article related to a topic and get ideas from it. So do these things and write a good article.

Flying close to the sun: SEO tactics that may get you burned

The compulsion to take the “fast and simple” course is all around, and SEO is the same. Patron Stephan Spencer demonstrates how going dark or dim cap may sound great at first, however at last, similar to Icarus, may get you consumed.

What sort of hazard would you say you will take for better rankings and more natural activity?

For a long time currently, there has been a progressing banter in the site design improvement (SEO) world about whether “dark cap” or “dim cap” strategies — that is, methods that endeavor to accomplish snappier outcomes by spurning the web indexes’ rules — are worthy.

While numerous observers take a moralistic tone around this issue, I like to take a gander at it regarding hazard. In the event that you will chance a Google punishment for the conceivable result of snappier or better rankings, at that point put it all on the line! Simply don’t be astonished when Google gets insightful to what you’re doing and your activity takes a plunge! Doesn’t make a difference if it’s months or years after the fact; hope to recognize the cold hard reality.

Staying away

By and by, as somebody who works with a ton of vast enterprises with much in question, I avoid dark cap and dim cap techniques.For anybody chipping away at an area they would prefer not to go down on fire, there’s essentially no real way to legitimize betting with a site’s power and notoriety in such a foolhardy way. In the SEO world, there are a lot of individuals willing to go out on a limb. Numerous SEOs I know point out that what is viewed as dark cap and dark cap might be abstract, contingent upon the business you are working in.

While numerous SEO experts have long stretches of involvement in this field, Google’s calculations get more brilliant continuously, and it’s getting to be increasingly hard for even the best SEOs to outflank Google. That is particularly valid for dim or dark cap amateurs. It’s reasonable for accept that a considerable lot of Google’s calculations learn and advance self-governingly. In such a world, dark cap SEO systems have turned out to be far more dangerous, not worth the exertion.

So what are the dangers and advantages (assuming any) of utilizing dim cap and dark cap strategies these days? For the record, Bing and Google are, sure about what conflicts with their approaches. Here is an once-over of the most well-known dim/dark cap strategies and my bits of knowledge on each.

Private blog systems

Private blog systems (PBNs) emerged as an alternate route to building expert. The introduce is basic: purchase a group of terminated spaces with great area expert and make a connection back to your site.

Bingo! Moment backlinks and rankings, correct?

Not so much. Nowadays, assembling a PBN requires a considerable measure of exertion and some subtle traps to keep away from location. For instance, you will need to investigate the area’s history and guarantee it’s squeaky-clean, ensure it has never had a punishment or different proprietors. Locales that have been purchased and sold ordinarily are a warning to Google. You’ll likewise need to ensure your locales are facilitated by various organizations and have diverse web convention (IP) addresses.

Aces: Using PBNs implies you have full control over your external link establishment and can spare time and cash on interface outreach.

Cons: If only one of the locales in your system gets hit with a punishment, it can rapidly be passed on to any site you’re connecting to. You can burn your whole system with one oversight.

My Take: I wouldn’t contact PBNs with a 10-foot shaft. Period.

Spun, scratched or catchphrase stuffed substance

Making great substance is tedious and costly, so it’s nothing unexpected that individuals search for alternate routes.

While most copy content issues likely outcome more from specialized misconfigurations than purposeful misdirection, there are still a lot of individuals out there who figure they can diversion the framework by scratching other individuals’ substance or “turning articles” to make many minor departure from a similar article, as a rule infusing additional watchwords for good measure (i.e., catchphrase stuffing).

For those of us who really incline toward instructive, meaningful substance, it’s a gift that these nasty substance traps don’t work any longer.

Google’s calculations presently have a substantially more modern handle on sentence structure and normal dialect. Thusly, Google can recognize these traps a mile away, so hope to get slapped with a punishment on the off chance that you attempt them. My recommendation: Just compose something individuals will need to peruse.

Aces: Quickly and effortlessly make new substance. At scale!

Cons: Destroy validity with your clients and web search tools when you distribute.

My Take: Do you truly need to inquire?

Negative SEO

It’s a vicious world out there, and now and again individuals undermine their rivals’ sites.

This is alluded to as “negative SEO” and by and large includes pointing malicious connections at a site, purchasing joins for the benefit of the contender, scratching their substance and copying it over various destinations, endeavoring to crash the site by driving excessively bot activity to it (i.e., DDOS assault), or notwithstanding hacking into a site to embed malware or change the substance.

Not exclusively are a portion of these strategies, such as hacking, illicit, however Google is additionally showing signs of improvement at recognizing and disregarding things like spam joins. So, negative SEO is a gigantic hazard, and there’s no certification it will even work.

One especially detestable negative SEO strategy is to act like the contender and dispatch a connection expulsion crusade. Believe it or not, some connection evacuation demands you get as a website admin are from produced senders.

Stars: None that merit having.

Cons: You could end up restricted from the query items or in prison.

My Take: JUST DON’T. You will rest better around evening time.

Paid connections

Requesting joins from different sites to enhance your positioning or lift movement to your website pages is a fundamental piece of SEO. It’s likewise tedious, disappointing and exhausting. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you think purchasing joins is the appropriate response, reconsider. It’s against Google and Bing’s rules, so if either motor gets you, you can end up with a punishment and have your rankings wiped out


Shrouding alludes to the act of making one sort of substance to show to an internet searcher arachnid (say, a page loaded with catchphrase rich duplicate) while demonstrating another kind of substance to the client (for instance, a picture substantial page with deals duplicate).

As you may have speculated, destinations that shroud pages are by and large endeavoring to conceal something from web index creepy crawlies while endeavoring to control their Google rankings.

Shrouding is a high-hazard system that will get you punished or even boycotted by most web crawlers. Over that, it’s simple for Google to get you essentially by utilizing erratic IPs and client operators. Web indexes investigate various components on your webpage so as to figure out what you should rank for, not simply the substance.

In case you’re shrouding your substance, it won’t take yearn for Google to make sense of it.

Experts: None.

Cons: Your site will be punished or even boycotted by Google.

My Take: Danger, Will Robinson!


Utilizing dark and dark cap strategies requires a great deal of sneaking around to cloud your online impression and abstain from being punished. This appears to be genuinely essential, however you’d be astounded at the general population who oppose this idea.

Some SEOs grope it’s to you to choose if the extra exertion and hazard is justified, despite all the trouble. On the off chance that yes, they feel your objective ought to be to make your site’s “story” acceptable to the web indexes and utilize dark cap methods to kick-begin your SEO, at that point change to more traditional white-cap strategies to bit by bit kill the hazard after some time.

My situation on this? Adhering to white-cap strategies from the earliest starting point is in reality less exertion and includes less hazard, with higher returns over the long haul. As a reward, you won’t lose rest during the evening agonizing over the day that Google will at long last come thumping on your entryway.

11 Google News Tips To Increase Ranking, Visibility And Traffic

Google News has perpetually switched how perusers stay aware of their general surroundings. Past ages of newsreaders initially needed to get a distribution and afterward deal with, page by page, to discover the features that caught their consideration (goodness, the dullness!). Never again. The present newsies just need to visit Google News to view a collected page of numerous sources that are assembled by subject and showed arranged by the peruser’s close to home interests.

The journalistic upside to our advanced news perusing propensities? Journalists have more control over getting their pieces on individuals’ online radars. The drawback? Like everything Google News depends on calculations and equations to guarantee they are giving the general population what they need. Agreeing Help Center for Google News, the site chooses and positions articles in light of various variables including innovation, decent variety, freshness, areas, and pertinence.

Go into the procedure outfitted with demonstrated tips and publication strategies to order web crawler consideration and lift your general activity on Google News.

1. Distribute Unique Content

The Google News Index esteems one of a kind, unique substance with clear attribution. Fight the temptation to just disgorge or repurpose existing articles. Rather, distribute applicable, one of a kind, and in particular, dependable duplicate to get a higher need than different articles.

2. Separate

Alright, fine. Here and there it bodes well to get in on the present buzz every other person is expounding on – get it done uniquely in contrast to the swarming masses. Apply a crisp focal point and break down the occasion from a completely unique edge.

3. Conjecture

Everybody realizes that news center advances as we dive further into the story. Ace the craft of knowing how to keep in front of the breaking news incline so you can remain one stage in front of the unavoidable move and keep your perusers aware of everything before any other individual.

4. Distribute Fast and Update

General journalistic dependable guideline: being first issues. Be first to distribute, be agile when following new advancements, and keep your substance current. Minor article changes are empowered and can be deciphered as a creating story refresh.

5. Features Matter

Features assume an indispensable part in Google’s following equation – make the most of yours. The rationale for rankings in the news box is more “just organized” than with ordinary query items, making the utilization of the correct words and word mixes fundamental. Use intense watchwords and pass on however much of the story as could reasonably be expected by including names, organizations, affiliations, and occasions in your article title.

6. First Paragraph

Rapidly come to the heart of the matter. Dispatch your piece by noting the fundamental 5 Ws (who, what, where, when, and why) of your story in the principal section. Utilize your initial couple of sentences to supply however many points of interest as could be expected under the circumstances and commute home what whatever is left of the piece will talk about.

7. Utilize Proper Nouns

Non specific things get little Google consideration. In the event that you have the best possible name of a man, place, or association that is applicable to your article, utilize it. On the off chance that News sees that your piece contains “unique named elements” that others do exclude, it can enable you to emerge as a unique announcing source – and that is something to be thankful for.

8. Active visitor clicking percentage

Google tracks each snap an article gets, so make a streamlined active visitor clicking percentage a best need. Spotlight on click-commendable parts, for example, feature, depiction (many Content Management Systems CMS utilize portion as meta portrayal), first sentence, pictures, and recordings to expand your odds of defeating your online rivalry.

9. Utilize Multimedia

The Google News Index searches for content that conveys a media encounter, making the utilization of designs or potentially recordings basic. When utilizing pictures, make sure to take after these Google tips for most extreme degree of profitability.

10. Be the Brand

Your online notoriety as a writer turns into your computerized image – don’t stray from it. Your perusers will return, over and over, in light of what they envision from your distributed substance. A similar lead applies in case you’re composing for a huge national distribution. Grasp the brand you’re composing for and endeavor to give your crowd what they expect when they tap on your piece.

11. Stay Tuned

As a news author, you are subject to unconstrained every day occasions, for example, climate occasions, breaking news, and world events. Notwithstanding, there are likewise numerous themes and occasions that are unsurprising, similar to races or games occasions. Remain deft in your news way to deal with enhance results. Respond rapidly to the unforeseen, yet additionally maintain an unfaltering spotlight on unsurprising things also to guarantee a differing, drawing in blend of subjects for your perusers.

Five Marketing Tasks for the Dog Days of Summer

The canine long periods of summer are here, and as the sun sparkles brilliant outside your office window you are likely reasoning about the outing to the shoreline you have arranged this end of the week.

Obviously, you could utilize the remainder of your PTO and punch out somewhat early. Or on the other hand you could at long last handle a portion of those annoying errands that have been tingling like an insect you can’t scratch.

Of course, backlink administration, picture advancement and email support can be exhausting and somewhat tedious. Be that as it may, over the long haul, they are definitely justified even despite some persistent work.

1. Backlink Management

Amid this moderate season, ensure you have your finger on the beat of your site: backlinks. Why? Since backlinks are among the most intense positioning elements for web search tools.

Knowing the sort of connections that are indicating your site can enable you to maintain a strategic distance from chaotic issues like a Google punishment or more awful, a total de-ordering.

There are a couple of various kinds of backlinks to be fatigued of:

Low quality registries

Blog remark spam

Spun article spam

Hacked sites

Blackhat SEO joins

Our most loved method for assessing joins is to ask ourselves, “If Google didn’t utilize connects in their calculation, would we need this connect to exist?”

Gratefully there are a few apparatuses that assistance you look at the backlinks that are indicating your site. Devices, for example, AHREFs, Moz’s Open Site Explorer and Majestic all assistance you sniff around and see which locales are connecting back to you.

2. Purchaser Personas

Advertising masters at HubSpot have been yelping the significance of purchaser personas for a considerable length of time. However, as pivotal as it is to make purchaser personas and utilize them in your ensuing advertising endeavors, beginning on them can be an overwhelming errand.

Regardless of whether you have never influenced a purchaser persona, to have extra profiles to make, or need to refresh your current personas, it’s an ideal opportunity to get your paws filthy. Dealing with your purchaser personas currently will make preparing for the bustling Christmas shopping season a breeze.

3. Picture Optimization

Pictures enhancement is a straightforward and some of the time careless errand that is anything but difficult to cover for some other time, anyway this SEO strategy has advantageous advantages.

Legitimately streamlined pictures are less demanding for Google to “see” and “comprehend”, which impacts your natural rankings. They are likewise more prone to show up in Google’s picture seeks, giving you extra chances to be found.

Moreover, screen perusers can check picture alt message as long as it is exact and not malicious, depicting the picture to the individuals who are outwardly weakened.

4. Email List Management

At the point when is the last time you cleaned your email records? On the off chance that the appropriate response is over two months prior (or never!) it’s an ideal opportunity to toss the puppy a bone and give this errand another go.

For what reason is clearing latent and invalid messages from your rundown so essential?

Lessens Bounce Rate: The higher your bob rate, the more probable your messages are to be hailed as spam, and the more improbable your clients are to get them. You can decrease your ricochet rate by expelling messages that are dormant, undeliverable or non-existent. Likewise browse for incorrectly spelled messages – it’s very simple to type .con rather than .com.

Abatements Cost of Sending Emails: Depending on the extent of your rundown, email administrations can be costly! Cut expenses and maintain your emphasis on focused leads by wiping out invalid email addresses and those that have never opened your mail.

While we’re regarding the matter of email, now is a decent time to ensure the structures on your site are appropriately associated with your email promoting administration. Likewise, twofold watch that your structures are connected to the correct rundown and the default “pick in” catch is browsed to develop your email list.

5. Positioning Reports

Nobody needs to sit before their PC composing a great many keywords into web search tools, yet knowing where your site positions is unbelievably imperative. You ought to audit your catchphrase rankings on no less than a week after week premise, watching your report for changes in measurements identified with the SEO work you are doing.

Tired of checking your watchwords the way it was done in the good ‘ol days? Agree to accept an administration like ahrefs or AuthorityLabs. These locales can track your catchphrase rankings for you, giving you more opportunity to investigate the information and make appropriate modifications.

Each pooch has his day – and today is yours! Since you’ve been helped to remember a couple of everyday (except vital) advertising undertakings you can chip away at, pick one and begin.

9 Effective Ecommerce SEO Tips

Finding your way to Google’s first page is the objective of each eCommerce site. Making everything the route to the primary position is the fantasy, particularly for littler eCommerce organizations.

With substantial organizations like Amazon, Walmart and Target overwhelming the query items page, by what means can a littler eCommerce business start their rising to the best?

With eCommerce SEO.

Web based business SEO gives the establishment to sites to construct a solid computerized promoting procedure. In case you’re simply beginning with another site or hoping to streamline development for your natural crusades, these tips will help quicken your development and enhance your capacity of achieving the pined for first page.

What is eCommerce SEO?

Online business site improvement (SEO) is the way toward creating regular activity to your site from web crawlers like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The essential objective of numerous SEO crusades is to pick up perceivability in the web crawler results page (SERPs).

The segment featured in green is viewed as “natural” results. These postings show up underneath the paid promotions area inside a Google query items page.

Internet business SEO Tips

Site movement. We as a whole need it. Yet, what we truly require is the activity that proselytes. These 9 eCommerce SEO tips will enable you to reveal a demonstrated way to deal with SEO and guide your prosperity as you extend your perceivability with compelling eCommerce SEO.


Contender Analysis

Watchword Research

Site Structure

On-page SEO

Site Performance

Versatile Experience

Client Experience (UX)


1. Investigation

To see how movement is impacting your online deals, you should empower Enhanced Ecommerce investigation following inside Google Analytics.

Improved Ecommerce Analytics empowers propelled estimation of how clients cooperate with items over your site. These bits of knowledge give information on the shopping conduct of your clients, while offering extra detailing highlights like:

Checkout conduct

Shopping conduct

Item execution

Deals execution

Item list execution

Improve Ecommerce opens a universe of information to help enhance your eCommerce site. Utilizing the accessible data, you can reveal further bits of knowledge into:


Change rates

Exchange points of interest

Advancement and battle achievement

As you begin your eCommerce SEO travel, the examination information will enable you to make educated, information driven choices about how to streamline your store.

2. Contender Analysis

Begin by distinguishing an example set of five areas your eCommerce store contends with. In the event that you don’t know who your essential rivals are, you can use instruments like SEMRush or simply look on Google.

Lead a heuristic assessment – An ease of use examination taking note of what your rivals are doing well and where they are missing the mark.

Valuing review – Document your rivals estimating for your best item contributions. Search for advancements and recurrence of rebates advertised.

Showcasing position – Note how your rivals position themselves in the commercial center. Ask yourself what message and experience would they say they are conveying? Utilize this information to help characterize your situation in the market.

Audits – Find the greatest number of surveys as you can on your rival’s business and items they offer. Make certain to keep an eye on location audits alongside outsider survey destinations and internet based life systems.

Watchword hole investigation – Determine the catchphrases your rivals are positioning for and how your position identifies with them.

Web optimization Audit – Analyze customary SEO components of your rival’s eCommerce site, center around:

Page titles

H1-H6 labels

Meta Description

Inner Links

Nature of substance

Organized information markup (Schema)



Normal Load Time

The objective of this speedy contender examination ought to be to pick up an unpleasant comprehension of your rivals qualities and shortcomings. From here, you’ll be in a superior position to distinguish your upper hand while centering your SEO endeavors the correct way.

3. Watchword Research

Up until this point, we have been concentrating on information gathering and examination to help set the phase for a legitimate SEO technique.

Presently, we’ll begin the ‘dynamic’ SEO process which starts with inside and out catchphrase look into.

Set your SEO battles the correct way with suitable watchword examine. Try not to tragically guess at terms, expressions, watchwords and how you think your clients are seeking. Your rundown of watchwords will impact each SEO related improvement exertion you actualize on your store. From site design to page structure. It’s basic to put time into getting this right. No weight 😉.

Online business Keyword Criteria:

Better than average volume

Prone to change over

Little rivalry

Item engaged

‘Purchasing’ phrases

High capacity to rank

We are searching for winning expressions that check however many of the above criteria as could reasonably be expected.

We need watchwords that have a high volume of ventures every month and are probably going to transform into clients. Preferably, your rivals won’t be seeking after similar catchphrases, and these will be item engaged ‘purchasing’ phrases, which are terms that a client looks when they are more distant along in the purchasing cycle.

In conclusion, we require catchphrases that you have an opportunity to rank for. In the event that the watchword is commanded by enormous name organizations like Amazon, you might need to consider proceeding onward to something worth your opportunity.

Discovering Keywords

With the huge number of apparatuses to discover catchphrases, beginning can be fairly overpowering.

We’ll view a couple of approaches to locate some beneficial catchphrases for your eCommerce store.

Google Keyword Planner: A free apparatus to create gauge watchword information. Catchphrase Planner gives close varieties of root watchwords measurements by and large month to month look volume and rivalry for watchwords. An awesome beginning apparatus for catchphrase explore.

4. Site Structure

How clients cooperate with your site is fundamental for the achievement of your eCommerce store. An inconvenient route structure or page configuration will demolish any positive site design improvement endeavors you use. Making a natural plan that is simple for your clients to comprehend and communicate with will have enduring constructive outcomes on your transformations and primary concern.

Begin by examining your route structure. Take a gander at Google Analytics to comprehend your gathering of people’s objective stream and use instruments like Screaming Frog to filter your site. You can likewise audit a route rundown inside your investigation account which enables you to choose a beginning page and afterward survey how clients found that page and where the client explored to straightaway.

Executing breadcrumbs will help with inward connecting and give the client an ability to read a compass while exploring through your site.

Make easy to understand URLs. Start making URLs that are organized in a way that sounds good to your clients and to Google.

Landing page:

Item classification page:

Sub-classification page:

Item Page: name

Professional tip: Add sanctioned labels for copy substance, or substance that would consistently show up in various areas.

Enhance your inner site look. Affirm your on location seek work is precisely guiding clients to the correct items. Try to represent regular incorrect spellings, equivalent words and dividing mistakes and twofold watch that these are as yet taking clients to the item they are searching for.

Utilize the data you gather to break down famous ventures, find new item thoughts, help with catchphrase research and influence enhancements to your route to structure. Keep in mind, the objective of a profoundly working eCommerce store is to productively move the client through the purchaser travel.

5. On-page SEO

We’ve secured introductory watchword investigate and began utilizing information to characterize the structure of your eCommerce store. Next, we will take a gander at approaches to improve two regular eCommerce page composes, class and item pages.

Class Page Optimization

Great class pages fill in as a composed center point for a gathering of related items. These pages ought to be enhanced for abnormal state, wide match watchwords.

Item Page Optimization

A solid item page is about more than SEO. It is planned considering client encounter and streamlined for transformations. To help in this procedure SEO helps web crawlers creep your item pages and convey them to potential clients hunting down your items.

We should begin at the best. The page title, otherwise called, the title tag.

Page Titles:

A standout amongst the most imperative on-page SEO components. Your item page title labels should join watchwords that customers are looking for with insights about the item.

How would you join watchwords and item points of interest?

A fruitful configuration for item page titles incorporates the brand name, item name (demonstrate) at that point a related watchword.

Try different things with modifiers like “Purchase”, “Shop”, “Free Shipping”, “xx% Off” and “Deal”. These modifiers draw in customers, which can increment clickthrough rate (CTR) and perhaps enhance your position.

Meta Description:

Your objective here is to pull in clicks. Per Google’s rules, make a one of a kind meta depiction for each page of your site. The portrayal ought to precisely speak to the relating page.

In the event that you don’t give a one of a kind portrayal, Google will consequently produce one in light of substance found on your page. In any case, this isn’t ideal for navigate rates (CTRs) as the default meta portrayals are not custom fitted for client encounter.

Web based business meta depictions ought to incorporate the item name and related catchphrases from your watchword examine. Google will strong catchphrases in the meta portrayal that match the client’s pursuit.

Header Tags:

The essential page heading (H1) ought to be utilized to fortify the main catchphrases for the page. The H1 frequently nearly looks like the page title however ought to be created to be easy to understand and simple to peruse.

6. Website Performance

Auditing your website for performance issues can serve as a quick win to boost your online exposure. Start by focusing on these performance issues:

Site Speed
Determine your website speed by using Pingdom or Google PageSpeed Insights. Take note of the provided speed suggestions and adjust where necessary. Some common speed issues are:

Image size
Server response
Inefficient code
Too many plugins
Browser caching
Status Code Errors
Use screaming frog to crawl your site and detect any status code errors like 404 pages and improper 302 redirects.

Redirect 404 pages to appropriate content
Fix broken links
Change 302 redirects to 301
Website Security
Enabling a secure browsing experience for users is a necessity today. Google has confirmed HTTPS as a ranking signal and has continued to push for a secure web.

If your website is not secure, check out our guide on migrating to HTTPS.

7. Mobile Experience

The number of online shoppers that rely on a mobile device has continued to increase. In 2017, mobile shoppers made up 58.9% of online shoppers, accounting for $1.4 trillion.

Providing a positive mobile experience for your users is essential. Confirm your website is responsive, quick to load and easy to navigate.

With the advent of mobile first indexing, Google is using the mobile version of your website as the starting point for what is included in their index. This means that your mobile site is the foundation for how Google will determine rankings.

eCommerce store owners should check:

Using responsive design
Mobile page speed and load times optimization
Button size
Easy to navigate
Matching content to your desktop website

8. User Experience (UX)

An increasingly important factor determining the success of your online store. The union of SEO and UX has continued to evolve through Google’s measurement of positive UX.

Google evaluates UX through traditional SEO elements like mobile friendliness, page speed, page structure, and links. Beyond that, Google utilizes user signals to evaluate how visitors interact with your site.

Behavioral patterns like, time spent on site, bounce rate and the rate at which users return to your site help Google understand if visitors are happy with the experience your store is delivering.

How does an eCommerce store optimize for UX?
By optimizing for real people, not Google.

Quality Design – Users associate high-quality websites with trustworthiness. If your eCommerce store looks and functions professionally, it will be more likely to convey trust and attract customers and links.
Consistent experience – Obtain a cohesive look across all pages of your site, especially the checkout. You don’t want users to get to the finish line and feel like they have ended up on a different website.
Visuals – Use visual aids where applicable. People are drawn to visuals. Pictures and video of your product pages will help your shoppers understand your products.
Easy to operate – Make navigating your website simple and logical. Provide a consistent navigation structure that makes sense. No need to reinvent the wheel.

9. Video

We know visuals add to user experience and leveraging video for increased exposure is a great way to promote your store.

People are 64-85% more likely to make a purchase after watching a video.

Videos are the primary format to create an emotional connection with your customers and the closest they can get to interacting with your product prior to purchase.

If your visitors spend time interacting with your videos, people will be on your website longer, which will increase dwell time, which sends a signal to Google that your page has value. A webpage with high value is known to rank higher which means more exposure for your products and brand.

Google understands this, and often reward videos with more visibility in the SERPs.