Online Scams

Protection Tips Against Online Shopping Scams

With the fast and constant Internet connection, the life of the people improved by leaps and bounds. Whether you would like to book an online dinner reservation, need to buy online movie tickets, looking for online dating or having shopping online, because of the internet everything became very easy. Within few clicks you can get whatever you want. While with all such perks there are also threats lurking online. The online world is a dark place where scammers are looking for their prey to fall into the trap. Online shopping fraud cases are becoming more common online, while if you would like to protect yourself from such scams then here are shown some tips for you.


E-commercial fraud


scam investigation


Based on the scam investigation surveys of RSA it is estimated that because of online fraud the losses of the victims will cross over the limit of 6.4 million dollars. While the e-commercial site users have to be more aware of such kinds of fraud assault by the scammers. Most of these scammers take the advantage of e-commercial sites to get the information of the clients which lead them to credit card fraud, identity theft, bogus returns, etc. These kind of frauds ruin the relationship of the merchant and the customers also. While you should be aware of such kinds of e-commercial frauds when you are purchasing anything online.


Auctions Fraud


According to Internet crime complaint center reports – more than 62% fraud cases for online auctions. This statistic report is increasing more with time being. It became an easiest way for the scammer to earn more profit. While many people are still quite satisfied with the online auction system because there are also genuine buyer and seller available online. While you should investigate properly about the item which you are going to purchase in the Auction for avoiding the chances to be a victim of the fraud.


Fake websites



There are many fake id websites which are also available online while such sites have legal DMCA certification for their e-commercial website, with a company logo, brand name, pictures and payment options also. But actually, they are all fakes which you can never be able to judge in a first look. While by using the payment option for their sites, if you will give your bank or credit card information on such sites then you are going to face heavy losses.


The only solution to all these problems is that you need to investigate such sites thoroughly before using them and do not use a new site about which you do not have more information.