Emotional Support Animal

What Are The Benefits Of Emotional Support Animals For People?

According to the world health organization report updated on 4 April 2018, about 300 people are suffering from depression worldwide. A few years earlier, according to the world health organization report, about 450 people worldwide were patients of mental illness that is equal to one person out of every four. This shows that how mental disorders like anxiety, depression and many more are increasing day by day. There are many possible treatments available nowadays for all the mental disorders. One of which is emotional support animal which often includes dogs and cats.

According to psychologists, the medical meaning of ESA is to help their owners in recovering from mental disorders like depression or overcoming any specific type of disability. In this article, we are going to talk about the benefits of ESA for people. So just take a look!


Help in the production of neurotransmitters


According to the study it has been found that dogs companionship increases the level of dopamine i.e. neurotransmitter associated with the feeling of pleasure and love. It is also found that its production gets boosted when people see in the eyes of the dog that helps people to stay more happy and affectionate toward others.


Controls anxiety attacks while traveling


Most of the people get anxiety attacks while traveling especially in planes due to the phobia of height or aerophobia. But according to the research it has been found that it can be controlled with the help of ESA. There are people out there in the world which found it really difficult to travel in planes. So ESA makes traveling in planes possible for them.


Overcomes loneliness


Nowadays in the daily busy life people live with the feeling of emptiness. They do not get enough love around them. Whereas petting a dog or cat help to reduce loneliness from their lives.


Provide unconditional love


Emotional Support Animal
Emotional Support Animal

ESA help people to feel unconditional love that is very hard to find nowadays. They provide a feeling of deep connectedness to the people that they do not get often from others.


Helps in the regulation of everyday feelings


According to the research made by a clinical psychologist, it has been found that animal petting or ESA helps in the proper regulation of daily feelings of people. They help mentally ill people to control daily anxiety, stress, and depression. Also, serve as a support to reduce mood swings.


These are some benefits that people get because of ESA. They help the most in stabilizing the intense emotions of human beings.