8 Cool Tips and Tricks for Instagram In 2018

Are you interested in knowing some cool tips and tricks for Instagram in 2018? If yes, then buckle up because here we are going to look at some of the best and cool new features of Instagram which can help you out in many ways. So read the following cool 8 tips and tricks for improving your Instagram experience.

  1. Post on multiple platforms with just one click

To gain more followers and reach people use different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and more. With the new posting feature, you can simply share your content on different social media platforms.

  1. The story feature

The story feature helps you post 15secs videos which can be seen or discovered by both your followers and non-followers. Using proper tags and location in the stories can give you more reach to the followers.

  1. Long press to preview post

With this feature, you don’t need to open every post to look, by long pressing the post you will get a glance at everything.

  1. Mute (A life saver)

We all have some followers who always post irritating content but we can’t unfollow them for some of the reasons. So with the help of mute feature, you can simply mute the other account user’s posts without unfollowing them.

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  1. Hiding your stories

If you don’t want to show your story to some particular followers than you can simply hide your story from them. Just go to their profile page and in the option you will get a hide my story feature. Tick that option and hide your story.

  1. Share links

There many people who use Instagram business and marketing tools to Increase Instagram Followers. And if you are using Instagram business than you can easily share links of your different sites on Instagram to generate leads.

  1. Multiple accounts

If you have multiple Instagram accounts than you can easily access all your accounts from a single app.  New Instagram can run multiple accounts for you.

  1. Post notifications

If you are following someone and like to view all the latest posts which he/she posts then you can turn on the post notifications for them. When you turn on the post notifications than you will get notified if someone posts something.

These are some of the cool tips and tricks which you can consider while using Instagram in 2018. So use these tips and get all the benefits.

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